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Maia cuteness

I love when cats yawn, chew their paws, lay down in funny positions and when they look confused at mirrors!

Maia being cute :)

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he he :D the 1st one is ace :D

Vampire kitty
Oh! and nice to see the Benny & Joon "Humiliated grapes" icon make a comeback... I think i'll watch that tonight now :D
I looked but turned out had deleted the email soon as i got it earlier, the unit was from buffalo 500 gig for 129.99.

So tiyad, off to bed, night night, enjoy the film.
no worries :D

G'night x
I've added you to my friends list, no need to add me back of course but I saw you posted some kitty pics public and well, I love kitty pics so erm, yes. Hello again...

Amanda xxx

PS - the mirror photo is adorable!
I had some problems earlier this year which meant i deleted my other lj but happily add you on this one :)