Arietistar (arietistar) wrote,


Kye is my hero :) in everything.

He has a wonderful knee to sit on in the garden when I'm too scared to sit on the bench because of spiders, he makes the best picnics on the beach complete with a full picnic set, he makes me laugh all the time at everything, he watches 24 with me and makes me smile saying it's all so unbelievable, hehe, which it really is and he makes a fallen angel costume look sexy!

This past month when I've been ill with sinusitis he's bought me the most gorgeous fairy notebook to write happy things in :), brought round the work projector so I could have BIG movies to watch, made me lemsip, took a day off work to look after me and even though he didn't want me this far away he borrowed a car to bring me back to my parents so I can rest up :) and is even feeding my kitty for me!

I miss him alot as I've hardly spent a night away from him the past month, but he is my hero and I will go to sleep thinking that :) ...and how he must've looked in a dragon costume tonight, hehe. I wish I'd been there with him tonight, i hate being ill and missing things we want to do together ..but distance and time pass, how he makes me feel won't pass, i love him. :)

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You have my hart... always
Aaww *smiles*