Arietistar (arietistar) wrote,


Our valentines is being officially celebrated along with Kye's birthday in a few weeks when we will be spending a long weekend at a lodge beside Loch Lomond with it's own sauna and whirlpool bath! Whoo!

He got me Maia for Valentines and I'm enjoying our little family so much, happy domestic bliss since Kye and I unpacked his last moving in box this weekend *phew*. I'm looking forward to alot of wonderful things being with Kye this year and I have so many happy memories, I am happier than I've ever been on Valentines day before. He's a wonderful man.

I'm not sure how romantic today can be with me suffering from evil cystitis that won't go away for 10 days now (meaning no naughtiness, but I'm sure that can be more than made up for when we go away on holiday hehe) but we have sushi and lots of cuddles planned and we are permanently smitten and addicted to playing with Maia!

Happy valentines purrs to all my friends :)

Tags: holidays, kitty, love
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