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Kitty castle

I've been telling a few people about this so here are the photos! John was here while Kye was building part of it and I know you're dying to see Mr Spider finished LOL!

The kittys thought it was getting crowded for places to nap in the lounge so Kye built them this 7 foot cat castle complete with sleeping areas on top of and inside the castle, a dungeon bed area and blue bed area (to look like water hehe).

It also features 4 turrets up into the clouds for vantage points and has it's very own Mr spider, Miss ladybug and Fred the fish. I made the toys from pom pom designs on :) and we got the rope from B and Q.

I'm planning to make some stars to hang off the clouds :). All the carpet is new and most of it was donated from kind people on freecycle! The whole thing used ALOT of staples.

Before the cat castle, maia trying to steal Emilys sunny area.

I would help but I'm sooo sleepy ;)!!

It's almost finished, if you don't finish it we shall kill you with our death stares!

Maia trying to decide whether to sleep or play with the pom pom boulder toy outside the dungeon!

Also shows Mr spider, Miss ladybug and Fred the fish with his hanging tail and bells.

Ooo it's finished soo much fun!!

Now to try it out for napping!

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hehe yay finally I get to see the Cat Castle :) It looks awesome! I wanna play in one!! I think I'm a little big though, sadly.
Yay :D great to see it finished and it looks cool :D I'm glad you convinced Kye that it wasn't a good idea to draw bricks on with a marker pen ;)

Looks like the cats like it, well, Maia & Emily anyway :D I take it Chloe sits outside staring through the window at it as usual LOL

And yep, I was waiting for spider pics he he :D I take it that the funky black wool wasn't good enough to make pom poms :( pity because i loved that stuff :D

Right... got to work out a plan on how to cat nap Maia next time i'm up... :D

:) i took this picture above, chloe is so weird and likes to sit outside and look in. I've made you a spider and shall post him off to you. he looks too creepy in black fluffy wool!
LOLROFL I just knew it! that's priceless :D

Oooh! sits and waits for postie to deliver spider :D
That is the best thing ever!
Wow, that is amazing. Your cats are very lucky :)
Thats pretty damn guys could sell those for sure!