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(Anyone whose tried to text or call me in the last 24 hours, i changed over my direct debit online weeks ago but apparently they take 14 days to process it on O2 so my payment for this month was declined. I've got it sorted now but won't have phone till tomorrow. amethystar we got your card, it's so lovely, I was going to text)

The holiday to Skye was FANTASTIC, utterly relaxing, just what i needed, beautiful and romantic! We got back Saturday but I'm still really tired. I was soooo glad to get back and see the kittys!!

Mum had decorated the entire flat with engagement banner, balloons and left us champagne. They also gave us money and bought us a huge knife set, a picnic set and a brand new hoover, ours was just a cheap one and they got this amazing cyclone one which is so loud, Kye and I like new electronic toys LOL!

Gran, my brother and family friends have given us money as we have all the house stuff we need so along with Mum and Dads we are putting it into an ISA to start our caravan/camper van savings fund! (not sure which we'll get but the caravan looks like the cheapest option for buying and upkeep)

I didn't even know people sent/got engagement cards or presents i thought that was just when they got married. I've been so blown away but what my Mum did with the banners and stuff, how happy Gran is for us and all the cards! I've been emailing Kyes Mum the photos from the holiday and it's such a nice feeling, I feel closer to my family and his because everyone's so happy for us.

The engagement
We found a little rocky/grass down some steps off the left side of Eilean Donan castle which you can see in photos below. Somehow the weather held that day as it rained every other day LOL! We had a wonderful picnic with hot chocolate, strawberries etc. Kye had hidden the ring in a hand painted box of Booja booja truffle organic chocolates which are like the only nice dairy free/wheat free chocolates I've ever found, I'd had a little box before but this was HUGE! When he proposed I cried but said yes of course ..then i took his ring and asked him if he'd marry me too and he cried. It was wonderful :). He also surprised me with a feather fan, nipple tassels and a black rose.

Eilean Donan castle near the Isle of Skye - where we got engaged

Highlights of the rest of the holiday

I'd say my favourite places on Skye were fairy Glen and Armadale castle.

Fairy Glen is amazing, you don't expect it when you come upon it's like a miniature glen, with tiny hills, trees and lochs, even the ferns look tinier for some reason. If faeries exist they definitely live there! We got hideously diverted on the way home that day but got to drive past the red Cullin and black Cullin hills which are beautiful if a little creepy with their size and colouring. On the way home I decided when we want to have a child in the future we should conceive her/him in fairy Glen so the faeries will bless us and our child shall be beautiful and fairy like which made Kye giggle but I'm totally serious hehe!

Fairy glen on the Isle of Skye

Aramadale castle is quite a ruin but has such a beautiful gothic arch left with amazing gardens and a very good visitor centre, its worth a visit.The visitor centre tells the story of the wars of independence, Bonny princes Charlie and the clans, then it goes onto telling how badly the crofters were treated by the landowners after the breakdown of the clan system when they English took over and traces families who are now in Australia, America etc. back to Skye. The conditions their ancestors lived in to make the long sea voyages for a better life was horrendous and almost made us both cry.

One day we went on a short boat trip under the bridge to an island to view seals. It was an amazing boat with a semi submersible bottom where all the people could go down to view the seashore while the boat was going. Kye loved it and I really enjoyed seeing the seals but i couldn't go downstairs because looking through the glass, the boat moving, motion etc. made me instantly feel like I was going to throw up and gave me spinny vertigo so i stayed on top of the boat the whole time which was mostly OK if a little nauseous at times but worth it. I'd been chatting to the skipper while everyone was downstairs and when they all came back up he made a huge deal telling everyone we were engaged and the whole boat wanted to see my ring, it was so weird but cool!

The cottage was soo lovely, we had an open fire which we lit every evening! My favourite evening a local butcher had given us some mussels from his restaurant supply (as they don't sell them out front normally) and showed us how to cook and beard them, we had the HUGEST meal of fresh mussels out the loch that morning. The butcher was so friendly to us :).

It was very cold the whole time so we took hot drinks in flasks whenever we went, mm hot chocolate, i had ear muffs and a scarf etc. but it was difficult to keep my blood sugar up in the cold, i had to eat tons! The journey up and down wasn't very nice with windy roads, i felt so carsick but it was worth it to get there, i had only 3 what I'd call bad days where I was very weak, dizzy and had to stay in bed but one of those i managed to sleep all day and felt better in the evening so we could get the best pub meal ever at the local pub (mm steak). The other 4 days we got out in the car to visit places, only one of those days out I ended up almost crying cos i couldn't walk anywhere and felt like passing out so we had to come home, really the other days were great and the day at Armadale i managed to walk quite a bit which was such a liberating feeling even if i did feel rough for it the next day, so half and half and I'm thankful for any good days :).

But i really don't remember the holiday for the cold, my health good or bad or the fantastic places we visited ..I remember this holiday for the laughter, god we laughed at everything, i mean we had sooooooooo much fun and it was so romantic and he's my best friend ever *giggles*! I feel so lucky i get to marry my best friend and that he's so handsome, kind and wonderful, i love him soo much and I only hope I can always make him happy forever.

Us on Skye

Our engagement rings

Where we got engaged

Us with castle moil in the background

Armadale castle

Us in the car

Us in the car

Us in the car

Us in the car
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