Arietistar (arietistar) wrote,

Masquerade dress

(Ignore my face, no make up because of stupid cold sore and hadn't brushed my hair since I got up lol. I wanted to cut my face out but Kye said that looked stupider)

I got my ballgown for the masquerade ball. It fitted perfectly everywhere except for the top of the arms so with a bit of altering we got it comfortable. I'm thinking i might get a 3 hoop underskirt to hold the skirt part out better.

I'm going to be all in white, my inspiration was the ballroom scene with Sarah in that beautiful white/cream ballgown and Kye's got a black horned mask like Jareths.

We have to watch Labyrinth one night this weekend before the ball, Connar you're going to the ball aren't you, you should come over and watch it too? :)
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