Arietistar (arietistar) wrote,

Masquerade dress

(Ignore my face, no make up because of stupid cold sore and hadn't brushed my hair since I got up lol. I wanted to cut my face out but Kye said that looked stupider)

I got my ballgown for the masquerade ball. It fitted perfectly everywhere except for the top of the arms so with a bit of altering we got it comfortable. I'm thinking i might get a 3 hoop underskirt to hold the skirt part out better.

I'm going to be all in white, my inspiration was the ballroom scene with Sarah in that beautiful white/cream ballgown and Kye's got a black horned mask like Jareths.

We have to watch Labyrinth one night this weekend before the ball, Connar you're going to the ball aren't you, you should come over and watch it too? :)
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Wow, that's so beautiful!!! The ball sounds amazing.

And your hair looks much longer than I remember, it's lovely :)
Come to the ball, theres still tickets!

Says the Debbie with the gorgeous long hair ive always been jealous of!!

Its just a few inches off my waist now, im concentrating hard trying to make it grow. :) *squeeze*
Lol! Well your hair is longer than mine now I think!

Would love to go, but can't afford it honey. Maybe they'll have one next year I can go to!

:) xxx

Hope you have a good time.
Thank you. I never know how well ill be on any given day dizzinness, pain and exhaustion wise so i just have to plan and hope for the best :). No point worrying about the worst and im determined even if i fel ill to go for an hour at least.

ive always wanted a princess dress, i dont see why we cant dress like that all the time!
one word...

Coming from you who loves ballgowns and dresses thank you :)

I did just make you sound like a cross dresser ;)

let me know about dates for visiting!
you'll get me a bad name LOL :p

Hopefully rosters will be back at work on Tuesday, so i'm hoping to know by Wednesday for days off :)
That is gorgeous
:) i love big dresses, I never grew up i think.
It's all very Labyrinth, princess :) All you need now is the Bowie crotch shots and it'll be like being in the film!
Ooo i wish David Bowie was coming.

Kye could wear tights with socks down and we can pretend hes david bowie :)
That sounds like a plan. I've not seen the film in about 15 years... Tis a very pretty dress :D
Really nice
Everytime I see a photo of you it makes me catch my breath, you really are so very, very pretty.

The dress is gorgeous! Do we get to see photos of you and Kye together?